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Plan for external applications

This project is ambitious

And while it focuses on the fundamental analyses of AAU practice and directions for PBL in a digital age, the project has an ambition of also designing new digital or blended PBL experiments.

Therefore, the PBL-future will also apply for an additional and complementary research project at the Obel Family Foundation with a focus on further developing the ICT-related subprojects:

b) Emerging PBL Collaboration Skills for a Digital Age

c) PBL competence development of individual students

d) PBL in flipped semesters.

This will give the opportunity to reach out to more programs at AAU and to develop experiments in the specific sub-projects further. An application will be sent to The Spar Nord Foundation for new lab facilities to experiment with digital collaborative learning.

The PBL-future project will also initiate an application for a European research network, by applying COST with partners as Henk Schmidt, and Maggi Savin-Baden.

One of the aims with a COST network is to apply for research funding in EU, e.g. Marie Curie and the framework program. With the digital perspective, possibilities may exist in a broader range of programs. External funding possibilities will be explored continuously.